Ángel Faraldo

photo © Emilio Fonseca

Faraldo's recordings reside in faraldo.bandcamp.com.

Audiovisual documentation can be found at vimeo.com/faraldo or youtube.


Ángel Faraldo is an experimental music maker seeking expression through improvisation, composition, installation art, site-specific actions, and sound design for theatre and film.

His work focuses on the systematic exploration of processes that maximise minimal resources, developing a performative, critical and ecological perspective on electronic sound, as materialised in his cycle The Feedback Study Series, his digital synthesiser MISS or his approach to the no-input-mixer, presenting his work in venues and festivals in Europe and America.

He has also developed a career teaching, performing and producing live electronic music, collaborating with a number of centres, ensembles and composers, and, between 2018 and 2022, as the forefront of the Phonos Foundation in Barcelona.


angelfaraldo [at] gmail [dot] com