Ángel Faraldo

photo © Emilio Fonseca

Faraldo's music resides in faraldo.bandcamp.com

Audiovisual documentation available in vimeo.com/faraldo

news & events

2019-05-31 CONCERT PROGRAM Duo with Clara Saleiro (flute and electronics, Vertixe Sonora Ensemble). Premiere of 'FLTLF' for flute and electronics. @ Música Viva Festival (Lisboa) // 2018-12-18 CONCERT PROGRAM Vertixe Sonora Ensemble @ Centro Galego de Arte Contemporánea (Compostela) // 2018-10-16 IMPROV SET with Paloma Carrasco and Tom Chant @ Soda Acoustic (Barcelona) // 2018-10-09 CONCERT PROGRAM Placa Base Concrète (with Mateu Malondra & Octavi Rumbau) @ Teatro Gayarre (Iruña) V Festival After Cage // 2018-09-27 IMPROV SET with Tom Chant Ensemble @ Robadors 23 (Barcelona) // 2018-09-26 IMPROV SET with Pricto, Martí Guillem & Diego Caicedo @ Soda Acoustic (Barcelona) // 2018-09-20 IMPROV SET with Tom Chant, Ferran Fages, Pere Xirau & Ramón Prats @ Robadors 23 (Barcelona) // 2018-09-13 IMPROV SET with Tom Chant, Ferran Fages & Alex Reviriego @ Robadors 23 (Barcelona) // 2018-08-12 PERFORMANCE / INSTALLATION with Ariel Ninas @ Faro da Frouxeira (Valdoviño) Site-specific work in the tunnels of an abandoned bunker // 2018-07-19 CONCERT PROGRAM Placa Base Concrète @ New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival (New York City) Works by Lewin-Richter & Malondra/Rumbau/Faraldo // ...more


Active as an experimental music maker, Ángel Faraldo extends his work with sound installations, site-specific actions and sound design for dance and opera. He is interested in processes that maximise minimal resources, developing a critical and ecological perspective of live-electronic music, as materialised in his cycle The Feedback Study Series, his digital synthesiser MISS or his approach toward the no-input-mixer. Furthermore, he does significant labor performing and producing live-electronic music, especially as a member of Placa Base Col·lectiu Instrumental, Vertixe Sonora Ensemble, and as artistic director of the Phonos Foundation in Barcelona. He has studied at the Royal Conservatoire of Music (Madrid) and the Institute of Sonology (The Hague), obtaining his PhD degree from the Music Technology Group at Pompeu Fabra University (Barcelona).


angelfaraldo [at] gmail [dot] com