Anxe Faraldo

photo © Emilio Fonseca

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Anxe Faraldo is an electronic music performer and composer whose work includes improvisation, installation art, and music for theatre and film. His work focuses on the systematic exploration of processes that maximise minimal resources, developing a performative, critical and ecological perspective on electronic sound.

He also develops a career as a sound engineer, specialising in classical-contemporary repertoire and live-electronics, collaborating with renowned ensembles and composers. He currently teaches Electronic Music Composition at Centro Superior Katarina Gurska (Madrid) and ESEM-Taller de M├║sics (Barcelona). He was artistic director of the Phonos Laboratory between 2018 and 2023.

Anxe holds an BA in Music Performance (Royal Conservatory Madrid), a MA in Sonology (Institute of Sonology, The Hague), and a PhD from the Music Technology Group at Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona.


anxefaraldo [at] gmail [dot] com